Talon, a data services and solutions provider, is improving how companies manage the development and maintenance of infrastructure. Using our innovative data capture services, flexible data access, and real-time communication tools, offsite subject matter experts and onsite technicians can work smarter and faster to solve infrastructure issues, ultimately reducing costs, minimizing re-work, and providing invaluable visibility into the work performed.


Talon is first and foremost a data company.  We choose the best available sUAS drone and sensor technologies to improve infrastructure inspection and capture actionable data for the cellular, petroleum, and power industries.



Talon Aerolytics® creates value by making data actionable by using high quality aerial imaging, 3D point-cloud models, and structural measurements.  This includes azimuth, plumb, and tilt for the cell industry in addition to volumetric, infrared (IR), and X-Ray imaging for the power industry.



Through Talon Aerolytics’® NEST, our collaborative content management system, customers have access to their high resolution images, HD videos, analytic data, 3D models, and documents at the time of need on any mobile device. Network, Enhance, Share, and Transform your data.

Talon Delivers actionable data efficiently, effectively, and safely.


Talonview® offers live video streaming, two-way communication, HD video recording, geotagged high-resolution photos, multiple session participants, and remote device control on any iOS and Android device from anywhere in the world.


Through the NEST clients have immediate access to Talon Aerolytics'® high quality, actionable data at the time of need. View every cellular asset in Georgia on our database or store your own content. Talon’s content editing team processes all data for clarity, quality, and accuracy before distributing it back to you.

Drone Services

Talon's sUAS team offers data capture, training, and collaboration with your field teams. We leverage the expertise of our sUAS pilots and skill sets of experienced subject matter experts. This provides efficiency gains for data capture, inspection, and analysis in most industries.