Learn from the best!

Learn from the best pilots at our 10,000-acre training facility with two live cell towers and de-energized power lines. Our program has three levels that are three, five, and ten days in length. We also offer specialized drone training courses based on individual customer requirements. We cover everything from basic flight procedures to advanced inspection techniques in the electric utility, solar, and telecom industries. We provide examples of operations as well as the safety and quality assurance manuals used to build professional UAS training programs.

3 day


Three-day course is designed to teach the pilot how to safely operate a sUAS around a given structure.

5 day


Our five day course introduces procedures and flight profiles on industry structures as well as reinforcing safe flight practices.

10 day


Our ten day course incorporates all previous lessons and mastery of flight profiles, safety, site set up, and mission planning.

All Talon training classes are full through Spring, 2018. Please check back with us in May.