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Talon is setting the new standard for drone tower inspections. The content we capture from our highly skilled pilots combined with access through the NEST provides actionable data to allow you to work smarter, faster, and safer.

Tower Inspection

During drone tower inspections, Talon Aerolytics ® captures and delivers aerial data for clients in the telecommunications industry. Talon capture teams utilize proprietary UAS flight patterns and highly skilled team members to deliver high resolution photos, videos, and GPS data. Through this capture process, which we call Aerolytics, we can generate measurements for antenna azimuth, tilt, plumb, and height.

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Disaster Recovery

During natural disasters, Talon Aerolytics inspects critical infrastructure for the telecom industry. From data captured by Talon, companies can evaluate and prioritize what work is needed saving time, money, and reducing safety risks. Talon Aerolytics has a nationwide footprint of drone teams, ready to deploy and deliver data within 24 hours. 

Scoping, Mount Mapping, & Structural Analysis

With our proprietary flight profiles Talon captures data of antenna sectors to produce mount mapping & analysis reports. A detailed point cloud is produced from the captured content and a certified engineering mapping and analysis report is generated.  These reports show the dimensions of the structure, size and location of pipe mounts, tower connection details and mount loading. Traditional methods of creating these reports requires a tower climber to take physical measurements of the tower.  By using drones, we lower costs, increase safety, and provide a faster solution.

Line of Sight

Talon Aerolytics® uses drone technology, software solutions, and our proprietary design process to reduce traditional line of sight capture time and cost.  Our teams can verify LOS, as far away as 20 miles, and full reports can be issued to the customer the same day. The final report is electronically delivered to the customer and construction can begin after final review and approval. All of this can be completed within 24 hours of deployment to an existing cellular site or a pre-construction site.