Let's Talk Towers.

Talon is setting the new standard for drone tower inspections. The data we capture from our highly skilled pilots combined with access to that data through the NEST provides a never before seen view of cellular towers.

Reduce on site time by seeing assets from a never before seen vantage point. We capture a series of 16 photos plus 4K video to bring you the highest quality data.
Safety Cable Inspections – We fly the safety cable from top to bottom. By doing this, we ensure the tower is safe and secure for any climbing or maintenance work.
Talon provides detailed inspections of every asset on the tower. This process ensures that components are secure and are in line with all safety requirements.
Talon provides an aerial overlook of the entire ground compound, signage, and access roads. Know what you are accessing before you arrive on site.

Inspections and Analysis

During drone tower inspections, Talon Aerolytics ® captures and delivers aerial data for clients in the telecommunications industry. Talon capture teams utilize proprietary UAS flight patterns and highly skilled team members to deliver high quality products and services for our customers. High resolution capture of photos, videos, and GPS data is processed to deliver actionable data to our customers. Our process, which we call Aerolytics, takes the data captured from drones and generates antenna azimuth, tilt, plumb, and height.

Another Talon process designed with safety and efficiency in mind is Line of Sight analysis. Our LOS teams utilize newly developed technology to collect data safer and faster than ever before. Unlike previous inspection methods, our process also has the ability to survey microwave paths in places where towers have yet to be built. This allows for a greater exploration of possibilities to meet future data transmission needs.


Aerolytics (ˈerō ˈlidiks) is a term we coined to describe Talon’s systematic analysis of information or statistics captured via aerial imaging. Our goal is to revolutionize the cellular and critical infrastructure industries with a never before seen quality of aerial data and image capture. An order this tall deserved a name unto itself and the term Aerolytics was born.  Our process takes data captured from drones and generates antenna azimuth, tilt, plumb, and height. In addition to telecom measurements, we can pinpoint locations, distances, and measurements on power lines and electrical grids.


Towers Flown