All photos & videos captured during the live session are housed in one location, geo referenced, and easily searchable.


The Talonview® app is available in the iTunes App Store and the Google Play Store. Download the free app and put subject matter experts in direct communication with your field technicians.


See your assets live and in full HD resolution on any device.


Invite multiple participants to record and review content in real time.


Add content directly to your session. Upload legacy videos, images, and PDFs for review and collaboration.


Use our graphic and audio annotation tools, live book marking features, and customizable forms to show real return on investment on your next inspection.

Why Use TalonView®?

Talonview® significantly increases efficiency and accountability through interactive real-time communication and documentation. We are revolutionizing the way subject matter experts communicate with field technicians through our live phone, tablet, and computer streaming application. Talonview® offers cloud-based recording and distribution to multiple participants at the time of need on any mobile device.

How Does it Work?

Talonview® is a video communication application for desktop, tablet, and smart phone devices, designed to help SMEs better communicate with field teams. First, field crew members download the Talonview® app to their mobile devices via the iTunes App Store or the Google Play Store. Subject matter experts can then launch a live Talonview® session on their web browser, and invite any member of their team with computer access or with the downloaded phone app. By inviting a crew member with the Talonview® phone application, SMEs are able to view site conditions, capture content by controlling the phone’s camera, and collaborate in real time.

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Don’t Just Take Our Word

“Talonview® has changed the way we close out jobs with our field crews. We can go live, review work in real time with our technicians on the job site, and in most cases eliminate the need for a second site visit.”

Andy SivellVP Field Services, Point Broadband

“...Talonview®’s user-friendly controls provide office or field professionals the ability to efficiently record, live-tag, upload, edit, add tags, concatenate, and export final deliverables. Replacing the need for numerous web-conferencing, file-sharing and media editing systems to support interactive virtual presence field inspections, this single software platform dynamically improves Telecom construction management’s visibility of workmanship and deliverables.”

Jay ParrProgram Quality Manager, Black & Veatch