Data and Fleet Security

Recently in the news, you may have read articles and stories about security vulnerability effects on drone data.  As a software company, Talon’s processes and systems ensures securing customer data is a top priority. Our customers range from the top three telecom providers to some of the largest power and energy suppliers in the United States.

Talon Aerolytics is headquartered in a secure facility with controlled access and digital monitoring of not only our UAV fleet, but other data capture devices. We have a relationship with Amazon Web Services to maintain security and data protection in the cloud and utilize all the robust controls in place at AWS. Our customers demand this level of data security and Talon is meeting their expectations.

Talon’s primary data reservoir is called the NEST. Our platform is cloud based with control measures to limit access only to those authorized. Additionally, Talon provides tiered access, which allows client administrators to provide controlled permissions to their data giving them complete control over who and what is accessed.

Our field data transfer, at the time of capture, employs multi-factor authentication and SSL protocols for all data transfer sessions.  Additionally, we employ SSAE-16 Type II compliant data centers and follow the ISO/IEC 27001:2013 global information security standards. Talon’s software engineering team ensures the Talon NEST is running safely, security, and efficiently at all times.

The Talon drone fleet consists of various DJI model’s, Aeryon Skyranger, and custom heavy lift drones, which makes Talon’s capabilities versatile and customizable. The Aeryon Skyranger features a fully secure digital network. The onboard digital network can be encrypted to ensure security from internal/external compromise. It also has AES 256 bit encryption making it one of the most secure, data collecting drones on the market.  

We are always researching the latest and most secure technologies for UAV data capture and safe flight operations. All our pilot’s are U.S. Military Veterans that have flown over 12,000 incident-free operational flight hours. Find out how we can help your business at