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Talon is the nation’s premier UAS services provider to the electrical utility industry and the expert in drone powerline inspection.. Our data capture teams have logged over 12,000 operational flight hours conducting vertical asset inspections. We are certified by the National UAS Credentialing Program through the Lone Star UAS Center of Excellence and the Federal Aviation Administration. Strategic partnerships with organizations like PowerGrid Resources allow Talon to offer services and solutions that provide added safety, operational value, and efficiency.

Power Line Inspection

Our hybrid inspection team consists of a UAS operator and a certified lineman working together to synergize field data collection. This inspection combines traditional comprehensive aerial and comprehensive walking inspections on transmission and distribution lines to a single ground team. Our forward-looking methods are designed to deliver higher quality data quickly while maintaining the safety culture of two field experts. Cost savings and efficiencies are realized by the incorporation of multiple inspection processes occurring subsequently along with the expedited delivery of data.

X-Ray Inspection

Talon’s X-ray inspections image the interior of conductor sleeves using a UAS as a carrier device. Our processes are designed to leverage the combination of custom imagery devices and UAS technology to safely deliver high quality data. With infrastructure maintenance becoming a more demanding issue than ever before, effectively identifying the upkeep needs of critical components is essential.

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Solar Inspections

We conduct detailed IR scans to produce an orthomosaic that allows Talon to analyze solar arrays. Our inspection narrows down malfunctions to their particular module and identifies latitude and longitudinal locations. Malfunctions as large as a string failure and as small as a hot spot are easily found and annotated by our editing team. The orthomosaic also provides both Talon and its customers with a single map in the thermal spectrum to reference and verify all malfunctions in one place.

“[Talon] has done a great job, so far, marrying the x-ray camera to a multicopter! The potential cost benefit by using the multicopter lifting option for x-ray imaging versus traditional methods (bucket truck or manned helicopter) may prove substantial. I recognize there’s an added safety benefit as well, due to operator distance to x-ray camera equipment during imaging.”

Georgia Transmission CorpMike Shelley