NATE UAS Showcase

By October 10, 2018 No Comments
NATE UAS Showcase

Members of the Talon team traveled to Washington D.C on Tuesday, October 9th to participate in the inaugural NATE Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS) Operations Field Day Showcase. The showcase took place at a Crown Castle tower site near the D.C Beltway. Telecommunications and drone capture experts gathered with the FAA, tower owners, carriers, and OSHA to demonstrate the value of UAS technology and discuss the metamorphic impacts it is having on the industry.

Talon conducted flight demonstrations and showcased their ability to utilize drones and handheld devices in the capture of comprehensive tower data. Participants were able to review this content in real time through Talon’s platform, illustrating accurate site conditions and giving experts the knowledge necessary to make informed decisions on the service and maintenance of cell sites and equipment.

The use of unmanned aerial systems for the collection of valuable data is revolutionizing the way the telecommunications industry manages their assets. Talon is providing innovative solutions and services to provide safer, faster, and more accurate data than ever before.

To learn more about the showcase, check out NATE’s article on the event.