There are many factors that can interfere with cellular and data transmission signals between towers. Communication towers use microwave dishes to send data from point to point and with the recent advances in technology, cellular carriers are adding new equipment to keep up with the customer demand. If a line of sight path is blocked, construction cannot begin until a site is cleared of the blockage or construction moves to a higher elevation. Examples of blockages includes trees, terrain elevation changes, buildings, and other communication towers. Traditional methods of inspecting two towers to make sure there is a clear line of sight involves climbers, bucket trucks, mirrors, and cranes. These methods are slow, expensive, and can delay construction and build times.

Talon Aerolytics® uses drone technology, software solutions, and our unique design process to reduce traditional LOS capture times and costs by half.  Our teams can verify line of sight, as far away as 20 miles. Links 5 miles and under are verified in as little as 30 minutes and full reports can be issued to the customer the same day. Once our pilots capture the information, it is transmitted to our data team for processing and organization. The final report is electronically delivered to the customer and construction can begin after final review and approval. All of this can be completed within 24 hours of deployment to an existing cellular site or a pre-construction site. A Talon Aerolytics® report contains four pages of information about each site, verified line-of-sight photos & videos, and a complete path analysis.

“Sprint is currently in the process of rolling out its Mini Macro and Small Cell projects. Signal Point Systems and Talon Aerolytics have teamed to complete a large number of the needed Line Of Sight surveys under contract. In these LOS surveys, Talon Aerolytics uses drones to do an amazing job of mapping and verifying the required LOS. Because of Talon’s employee’s expertise they have been able work from Missouri and Wisconsin to New York and New Jersey!  Signal Point will continue to work with Talon whenever the opportunity arises.” – Tom Anderson, Field Manager, Signal Point Systems

Researching potential sites involves a detailed plan and verification of airspace restrictions as well as making sure we abide by all FAA requirements for drone flights. We use a combination of DJI and custom built, proprietary products. Our primary drone for line of sight analysis is the DJI Matrice 600 To learn more about Microwave Line of Sight analysis, please contact Eric Hare.