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Talon Aerolytics® is committed to using innovative technologies to provide safer, faster, and more accurate data capture than ever before. Our use of sUAS drone systems for the collection of valuable information is revolutionizing the way critical infrastructure industries manage their assets. The DJI S1000, DJI Matrice 600, DJI Inspire 1 Pro, and the Aeryon Skyranger are just a few of the drones we use to ensure the highest quality data capture.  Talon drone services reach every industry and we have applications that will fit into your business that will significantly increase production and revenue.

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Tower Services

Capture the data your company needs with increased safety and efficiency. Talon's proprietary UAS flight patterns capture and deliver aerial data of cellular towers. Drone captured HD videos and photos provide detailed information on safety conditions, coax conditions, and antenna positions that impact signal propagation and mor

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Power Services

Talon is the nation's premier UAS services provider to the electrical power industry. Talon's utility UAS services range from solar field inspections to our proprietary hybrid-lineman inspection. Power industry studies prove introducing drone technology to utility inspections is faster and more cost-effective than standard comprehensive walking inspections alone.

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